Adelaide 70-64 Geelong (JLT Community Series) 2017-03-05 02:58



Out we go 👊! #weflyasone

2017-03-05 03:01:28

Niiiiice ball into the middle from Hampton sets up our first goal of the day for @RoryAtkins21 We lead 6-0 early stages #weflyasone

2017-03-05 03:07:42

Smooth transition through the middle by Dmac & @RoryAtkins21 sends home a loooong bomb! 💣 Superb finish! 15-0 our way #JLTSeries #weflyasone

2017-03-05 03:16:05

Menzel (of the Geelong variety) gets on the board but we still lead 15-8 late in the opening term #JLTSeries #weflyasone

2017-03-05 03:23:54

A quarter of two halves 🤔 We started strongly before the Cats fought back. It's 15-15 at 1/4 time at Richmond Oval #JLTSeries #weflyasone

2017-03-05 03:30:07

Lairdy finding plenty of it early, Atkins has our two goals including a nine-pointer 👏 #JLTSeries #weflyasone

2017-03-05 03:34:53

Brodie Smith must've had a toe on the line - regulation six-pointer for his long goal. Cats by three points early in the second #weflyasone

2017-03-05 03:43:34

Hampton ➡️ Menzel, yep we like the look of that👌! Both Menzel brothers on the score board now. Troy brings us back within a goal #weflyasone

2017-03-05 03:51:42

The skipper slots his first goal from a neat @andyotten22 pass. Geelong leads by 8 points nearing 1/2 time #weflyasone

2017-03-05 03:59:13

That's the first half done. The Cats are up 1.4.8 (41) to our 1.4.0 (33). Rory Atkins has one super & one regulatio…

2017-03-05 04:03:00

.@mcrouch2 collected 10 possies in Q2 & also has 5 clearances 🔥 @dgore10 has laid a match-high 5 tackles #JLTSeries…

2017-03-05 04:10:03

Nice buildup ➕ fine finish = super goal! @RoryAtkins21 #JLTSeries #weflyasone

2017-03-05 04:17:29

Now, that's a fast start! Hampton out of the middle to Jacobs and Cameron swoops! Goal to Charles & we're within 2 points early in the third

2017-03-05 04:23:05

NINE 🙌! @texwalker13 liked that straight off the boot! Tex kicks a super goal and we hit the lead by 5 points #weflyasone

2017-03-05 04:27:23

Bit excited ... marked inside 50m, so only the six points for the skipper!

2017-03-05 04:30:04

Stop it, @RoryAtkins21! Rat has his third goal with a neat checkside on the run! Our lead is 11 points #weflyasone

2017-03-05 04:31:40

And now Harry Dear with a clean take, spin & goal! Some nice signs from our young players. We're up by 17 points halfway through the third

2017-03-05 04:33:01

Hampton & Walker involved again, Cameron snaps his second. We're up by 24 points with the breeze late in the third quarter #weflyasone

2017-03-05 04:41:37

Tex misses on the siren, but after a 5 goal third quarter we're up by 28 points at the last change. Atkins has 3 go…

2017-03-05 04:52:11

Dean Gore hits the deck hard, but recovers to jog from the ground to the support of the crowd here at Richmond Oval #weflyasone

2017-03-05 04:56:54

Definitely the scoring end, Geelong kick two quick goals to reduce our lead to 16 points early in the last quarter #weflyasone

2017-03-05 04:59:57


  • 2.3(15)-2.3(15): 1st Quarter score
  • 5.3(33)-5.11(41): 2nd Quarter score
  • 10.10(70)-5.12(42): 3rd Quarter score