WAS Redskins

WAS Redskins 10-19 NY Giants (NE Patriots v ATL Falcons) 2017-01-01 21:25

Stadium: FedEx Field

NY Giants
1 2 H 3 4 F
0 0 0 3 7 10
3 7 10 0 9 19


ONE HOUR until #GiantsPride vs. Redskins!!! 🏈 https://t.co/4hFdlqwaUm

2017-01-01 20:25:07

OBJ in DC! @OBJ_3 wows in Washington with one-handed warmups! #GiantsPride https://t.co/q2TKsJWlO3

2017-01-01 20:26:58

RT @CharleyCasserly: The #Redskins Off Keys vs NYG 1-Have a plan for their blitzed 2-Attack their CB's with double moves 3-Go after their L…

2017-01-01 20:29:23

RT @CharleyCasserly: The #Redskins Keys on Def vs #NYG 1-Pressure Manning-Not gd when has to move ft 2-Minimize Beckman- Dble cover 3-Can b…

2017-01-01 20:29:30

PLAYMAKERS on 3! #GiantsPride #NYGvsWAS https://t.co/2q63mnqOvq

2017-01-01 20:29:42

We love the grind. #HTTR #NYGvsWAS https://t.co/9d8e4vH0fb

2017-01-01 20:41:06

Eli Manning warming up for #NYGvsWAS 🏈 #GiantsPride https://t.co/vH5qogf2LO

2017-01-01 20:44:01

Baaaaad boyyyyyys. #HTTR #NYGvsWAS https://t.co/PXucynCh4O

2017-01-01 20:50:22

#NYGvsWAS ready. Pregame 📸's: https://t.co/T6S15WJcYE https://t.co/qDQkD4DLJV

2017-01-01 20:56:24

Game recognize game. #NYGvsWAS https://t.co/ZdBtkK3nRo

2017-01-01 21:00:43

Almost GAMETIME! Check out the best photos from pregame warmups! #NYGvsWAS 📷: https://t.co/nkzGeubHFI https://t.co/M3PJCGEfK1

2017-01-01 21:15:07

It's time. #HTTR #NYGvsWAS https://t.co/cPsSTom3VE

2017-01-01 21:18:08

Captains: QB Manning, LB Casillas, ST DeOssie, WR Cruz, LB Herzlich, LB Robinson - #Giants start on defense first!… https://t.co/0ctMEz8ZJY

2017-01-01 21:23:25

#Redskins win the opening toss, will receive to start #NYGvsWAS.

2017-01-01 21:23:34

GAMETIME!!!!!! #NYGvsWAS 🏈 https://t.co/UVHfjmxpGX

2017-01-01 21:25:07

SNACKS!!!! Big-time sack on first down for Big Blue! #NYGvsWAS https://t.co/VdhR89XEmU

2017-01-01 21:35:42

HIGHLIGH: Snacks with the Sack! https://t.co/VhtocfPMmf

2017-01-01 21:39:39

J-No says no there.

2017-01-01 21:41:28

SPC Leo Watkins, U.S. Army, has been stationed away from his family for the past nine months. They were reunited to… https://t.co/eaBXFriURk

2017-01-01 21:42:54

Paul Perkins with a 22-yard run!!!! Big first quarter so far for the rookie! #NYGvsWAS https://t.co/rHOLWa5mL7

2017-01-01 21:42:56

Big Blue takes a 3-0 lead on Robbie Gould's 22-yard field goal. #NYGvsWAS https://t.co/8UtBm2mlFz

2017-01-01 21:48:15

LANDON COLLINS! What a sack on third down! #NYGvsWAS #GiantsPride https://t.co/pgFiNWwtOs

2017-01-01 21:57:01

#Redskins trail by 3 after first quarter of #NYGvsWAS. https://t.co/z5wsxGA3kt

2017-01-01 21:57:27

At the end of the first quarter, the #Giants lead the Redskins 3-0! #NYGvsWAS https://t.co/vwWfGuuelW

2017-01-01 21:57:29

HIGHLIGHT: Landon Collins with the sack! #GiantsPride https://t.co/yKVMEOFO0k

2017-01-01 21:58:41

TOUCHDOWN! @RashadJennings right up the middle for three yards puts Big Blue up two scores! #NYGvsWAS https://t.co/xAuAYsN2sD

2017-01-01 22:06:45

Robbie Gould's extra point is perfect and the #Giants are up 10-0 in the second quarter! #NYGvsWAS https://t.co/8XPMBkJPHO

2017-01-01 22:07:09

HIGHLIGHT: Rashad Jennings with the two-yard TD run! https://t.co/1MXAJhwmut

2017-01-01 22:12:20

#FeedReed for the first down! #HTTR https://t.co/d2yAJL9nZb

2017-01-01 22:13:18

Will Tye! That's a 24-yard gain on third down and Big Blue moves the chains! #NYGvsWAS https://t.co/6lzpjb5UOD

2017-01-01 22:22:32

DRC! That's the third sack of the first half for the #Giants defense! #NYGvsWAS https://t.co/N1EGOHglyL

2017-01-01 22:33:16

.@OBJ_3 just became the second Giant in franchise history with 100 receptions in a single season! #GiantsPride https://t.co/EkfK5qRHYN

2017-01-01 22:37:17

It's all Big Blue at halftime - #Giants lead the Redskins 10-0! #NYGvsWAS HIGHLIGHTS: https://t.co/hDWDWO443U https://t.co/dpevoFJlnM

2017-01-01 22:43:19

Halftime coverage begins now on @WFAN660, Giants App or HERE: https://t.co/cM7UUAXW8O https://t.co/u1Pq0qQwYw

2017-01-01 22:44:03

#Redskins trail Giants by 10 at the half. #NYGvsWAS: https://t.co/tKOYU2nYSK https://t.co/2piQHtBl2p

2017-01-01 22:45:10

First half @budlight photo highlight - @RashadJennings with the 2-yard touchdown run! WATCH:… https://t.co/a23RhLFfbv

2017-01-01 22:49:16

#Redskins LB Ryan Kerrigan is questionable to return to #NYGvsWAS with a finger injury.

2017-01-01 23:02:29

#Redskins with the fourth down stop!

2017-01-01 23:04:50

RT @ESPNNFL: Odell Beckham Jr. is just the 2nd Giants player in franchise history to reach 100 receptions in a single season. (v…

2017-01-01 23:06:06

ANOTHER SACK! This time it's Leon Hall and @DevonKennard with the stop! #NYGvsWAS https://t.co/CLoVa9siC1

2017-01-01 23:09:00

.@PierreGarcon picks up a BIG first down & eclipses 1,000 receiving yards on the season!

2017-01-01 23:18:50

INJURY UPDATE: WR Dwayne Harris (knee) is questionable to return; OL John Jerry (burner) is expected to return. #NYGvsWAS

2017-01-01 23:19:30

INTERCEPTION!!! @drc_41 with his FIFTH pick of the season! #NYGvsWAS #GiantsPride https://t.co/4dJD05fXe7

2017-01-01 23:20:06

HIGHLIGHT: DRC with the INT! #GiantsPride https://t.co/m4arZRqHs2

2017-01-01 23:21:13

RT @NFL: "Hit the brakes, he'll fly right by." 😳 #HTTR https://t.co/iKkd3OpLLn

2017-01-01 23:22:42