Auburn 19-35 Oklahoma (NCAAF) 2017-01-03 01:30

1 2 H 3 4 OT F
7 6 13 0 6 19
0 14 14 14 7 35


The #AuburnFamily was in full force with a packed @SugarBowlNola Tiger Walk. There aren't better fans on this 🌎!…

2017-01-03 00:35:43

🔒 in and focus. #BeatAuburn

2017-01-03 00:44:30

RT @SECherbvin: @SEC commish @GregSankey on @AuburnTigers radio network pregame show as fans begin to file in Superdome at Sugar Bo…

2017-01-03 00:51:30

Official kickoff has been changed to 7:50pm CST. 📺 ESPN 📻 📈 ➡️

2017-01-03 00:53:14

RT @FootballAU: Coverage will begin at 8:40 ET/7:40 CT on ESPN2. #WarEagle

2017-01-03 01:06:48

🚨 Updated kickoff information 🚨 🕢 7:50pm CST 📺 ESPN2 📻 📈 ➡️

2017-01-03 01:18:20

It's almost time. #BeatAuburn

2017-01-03 01:29:22

Auburn wins the toss and chooses to receive. #BeatAuburn

2017-01-03 01:48:54

Follow the #Sooners out the tunnel for the 2017 @SugarBowlNola. Game time. #BeatAuburn

2017-01-03 01:50:08

Touchback for Seibert on the opening kickoff so Auburn will start at its own 25.

2017-01-03 01:51:37

Game time!!! Let's go!!! #BeatAuburn

2017-01-03 01:52:17

Pettway with 3 carries for 20 yards so far and Auburn has moved to the OU 37.

2017-01-03 01:54:09

Pettway falls forward for a 1st down on 3rd and 1. 1st and 10 for the Tigers at Oklahoma's 11.

2017-01-03 01:56:41

3rd and 5 at the OU 6, White keeps himself and is going to be stopped at the 3!

2017-01-03 01:59:05

Auburn goes for it on 4th and 1 at the OU 2, and Cox runs it in for the score. Auburn leads 7-0 with 9:04 to play in the opening quarter.

2017-01-03 02:01:06

That's the longest rushing touchdown for #Auburn in @SugarBowlNola history. 😉😉😉 #WarEagle

2017-01-03 02:02:25

RT @jeff_shearer: Sean White: 2-for-2 on @FootballAU opening drive. Both catches by true freshmen: Kyle Davis & Eli Stove.

2017-01-03 02:05:18

Westbrook brings the kickoff out to the OU 17 and that's where the #Sooners opening drive will begin.

2017-01-03 02:05:38

Mayfield avoids the sack and finds Basquine down the sidelines for a first down to the 32!

2017-01-03 02:06:47

RT @SECNetwork: Welcome to the #WarEagle Watch Party! SEC Green Room: Sugar Bowl is LIVE Sit back & 👀 the @AuburnTigers with us:…

2017-01-03 02:07:09

3rd and 4 for OU at its 38, Mead catches the back-shoulder throw but can't get a foot inbounds so Seibert will punt.

2017-01-03 02:09:06

After a block in the back on the return, Auburn will begin its second drive at its 8 with 7:08 to play in the 1st quarter.

2017-01-03 02:10:38

Roberts gets a TFL and Jordan Evans follows with a PBU. Auburn calls a timeout with a 3rd and 12 coming up.

2017-01-03 02:14:15

Jordan Evans makes the tackle and Auburn will have to punt!

2017-01-03 02:17:24

Favorable roll on the Tigers' punt gives Oklahoma a 1st and 10 at its own 29 with 5:54 to play in the 1st quarter.

2017-01-03 02:18:26

RT @FootballAU: Big-time PBU by Marlon Davidson as he gets a paw up and slaps the ball away #WarEagle #Sugar17

2017-01-03 02:21:58

#Sooners pick up a first down thanks to an Auburn facemask penalty but Mayfield's 3rd down pass is knocked down, forcing a punt.

2017-01-03 02:22:18

Good pressure from Obo forces White to throw it away, setting up a 3rd and 7.

2017-01-03 02:26:38

Steven Parker comes on the blitz to put pressure on White, whose pass falls incomplete! 1st and 10 #Sooners at the OU 10 after the punt.

2017-01-03 02:28:43

Screen pass to Mixon covers 28 yards on 3rd and 8 for a #Sooners first down!

2017-01-03 02:30:52

3rd and 3 at the OU 47, Mayfield keeps it himself and moves into Auburn territory for a 1st down!

2017-01-03 02:32:30

First quarter in New Orleans comes to an end! Game coverage can now be found on ESPN. #BeatAuburn

2017-01-03 02:35:26

RT @FootballAU: #Auburn scored on the opening drive of the game and leads it at the end of one. #WarEagle #Sugar17

2017-01-03 02:36:38

RT @SEC: .@FootballAU in the lead 7-0 after 1Q thanks to this Chandler Cox score! #SugarBowl

2017-01-03 02:37:22

RT @SECNetwork: Let's Eat! 🍴 End of 1st Q: @FootballAU 7-0 #WarEagle

2017-01-03 02:37:27

With 10 rush yards, Samaje Perine has 4,046 for his career, passing Steve Owens (4,041) and Adrian Peterson (4,045) for 3rd at OU. 73 to go.

2017-01-03 02:37:43

Beautiful throwback sees Mayfield connect with Mixon to pick up the 1st down on 3rd and 22!

2017-01-03 02:42:12

Auburn takes its second timeout. #Sooners will have a 2nd and 3 at the Auburn 22 with 12:54 to go in the half when play resumes.

2017-01-03 02:44:13

📸 | Sights from the @SugarBowlNola. Check out our updated photo gallery ⤵️. » #WarEagle

2017-01-03 02:46:25

#Sooners are driving! #BeatAuburn

2017-01-03 02:47:12

First and goal at the 20 for the #Sooners after a 13 yard completion and then a 15-yard penalty.

2017-01-03 02:47:58

Touchdown #Sooners!

2017-01-03 02:48:56

Mayfield rolls right and finds Andrews in the end zone for his 7th TD catch of the year!

2017-01-03 02:49:34

#Sooners knot it up at 7-7 with 11:24 to go in the first half as Mayfield tosses his 39th TD pass of the year, this…

2017-01-03 02:51:06

.@Mandrews_81 finds the end zone for the 7th time this season! #BeatAuburn

2017-01-03 02:55:03

RT @ESPNCFB: TOUCHDOWN SOONERS! Baker Mayfield finds Mark Andrews for the nice touchdown grab to tie it up in New Orleans.…

2017-01-03 02:56:27

Facing a 3rd and 6, White breaks a pair of Oklahoma tackles to gain a first down to the OU 45.

2017-01-03 02:56:47


2017-01-03 02:56:50

RT @ralphDrussoAP: Baker Mayfield should play college football forever.

2017-01-03 02:57:05

3rd and 2 at the OU 37, Pettway plunges forward for 3 yards and a 1st down.

2017-01-03 02:59:09

With 82 all-purpose yards tonight, Joe Mixon has 2,233 on the year to break DeMarco Murray's school record of 2,171 set in 2008.

2017-01-03 03:01:15

3rd and 8 at the OU 32 for Auburn, pressure forces an incompletion on a screen!

2017-01-03 03:04:33

Carlson's 49-yard field goal try is good. Auburn leads 10-7 with 7:16 to go in the 1st half.

2017-01-03 03:05:06

#Legatron now has the longest field goal in #Auburn @SugarBowlNola history. 👏👏👏 #WarEagle

2017-01-03 03:06:45

Big run on 1st and 10 for Mixon covers 20 yards to the OU 45.

2017-01-03 03:08:07

3rd and 4 at the 50, fantastic catch by Mead to the Auburn 35!

2017-01-03 03:09:26

RT @youngfollowill: Watching and repping from 38k feet! @OU_Football #Boomer

2017-01-03 03:09:29

3rd and 7 at the Auburn 32, Perine picks up 3 yards. #Sooners go for it on 4th and 4 and Dede makes the catch inside the 5!

2017-01-03 03:12:11

Mixon with his 9th rushing TD of the year and the #Sooners lead 14-10 with 3:37 to go in the first half.

2017-01-03 03:14:22

Auburn has reached midfield with just over 2 minutes to play in the 1st half.

2017-01-03 03:19:24

3rd and 6 for Auburn at the OU 22, Franklin's pass sails out of bounds for an incompletion!

2017-01-03 03:23:27

Carlson's 39 yard field goal attempt is good, but the #Sooners still lead 14-13 with 41 seconds to play in the opening half.

2017-01-03 03:24:09

RT @FootballAU: Daniel Carlson tacks on a 39-yard field goal. Carlson now tied for 4th on AU bowl history scoring list. #WarEagle…

2017-01-03 03:25:07

.@AhmadThomas13 with a great hit, resulting in Auburn settling for a field goal. #BeatAuburn

2017-01-03 03:26:19

Halftime at the @SugarBowlNola! #Sooners head to the locker room with a 14-13 lead over Auburn. #BeatAuburn

2017-01-03 03:27:33

RT @ESPNCFB: Halftime in New Orleans! Oklahoma leads Auburn 14-13. The Sooners are 10-0 this season when leading at half.…

2017-01-03 03:28:48

RT @FootballAU: At the half, we’ve got a close one. #Auburn 13, Oklahoma 14. #WarEagle

2017-01-03 03:31:39

Samaje Perine with 15 rushing yards on 5 carries in the first half. 6️⃣8️⃣ yards away from breaking the OU career rushing record.

2017-01-03 03:34:09

RT @FootballAU: #Auburn holds the advantage in time of possession in a close on at the Super Dome. #WarEagle #Sugar17…

2017-01-03 03:38:49

Stats from the first half at the @SugarBowlNola! #BeatAuburn

2017-01-03 03:47:30

#Sooners will begin the second half at their 25 after a touchback on the opening kickoff.

2017-01-03 03:52:12

What hands by Mead! He snares a 13-yard reception to the Auburn 48.

2017-01-03 03:54:20

Flea flicker! Mayfield to Andrews down to the Auburn 15!

2017-01-03 03:54:41

Mayfield with a quick out to Westbrook who uses his speed to sneak into the end zone & put OU up 21-13 with 12:39 t…

2017-01-03 03:56:56

RT @ESPNCFB: DEDE!! Westbrook sneaks into the endzone to give Oklahoma the 21-13 lead to open up the second half.

2017-01-03 04:00:11

#Sooners defense forces the 3 and out! Westbrook makes the fair catch of the punt at the OU 33 with 10:44 to play in the 3rd quarter.

2017-01-03 04:02:25

RT @AuburnPix: 📷 First half photos from the Superdome #WarEagle #Super17

2017-01-03 04:03:19

RT @ESPNStatsInfo: Oklahoma players with 40 TD passes in a season: 40 - Baker Mayfield, 2016 50 - Sam Bradford, 2008 40 - Jason White, 2003…

2017-01-03 04:05:15

3rd and 11 at the OU 31, Mead draws a pass interference penalty to keep the drive alive!

2017-01-03 04:07:04

Westbrook looks to pass but he pulls it down and runs for a first down to the Tigers' 33!

2017-01-03 04:09:48

3rd and 6 at the Auburn 29, Westbrook comes up inches short on the crossing route but the spot is under review.

2017-01-03 04:13:31

Ball gets moved back 2 yards to the FG unit comes on.

2017-01-03 04:14:25

Seibert's 42 yard field goal is no good, wide right. Would have been a season long make. Auburn takes over at its 25.

2017-01-03 04:15:16

RT @FootballAU: Oklahoma misses a 42-yard field goal. The Tigers take over at their own 25. #WarEagle #Sugar17

2017-01-03 04:16:07

After that last drive, Samaje Perine has 32 yards on 8 carries tonight. 5️⃣1️⃣ yards away from setting the #Sooners career rushing record.

2017-01-03 04:17:46

Catch all the action from the @SugarBowlNola in our Sugar Bowl photo gallery. #BeatAuburn ➡️…

2017-01-03 04:18:56

3rd and 1, Steven Parker comes on the blitz and makes the stop in the backfield!

2017-01-03 04:20:06

Auburn decides to punt on 4th and short. Westbrook makes the fair catch at the OU 15 with 5:30 to go in the 3rd quarter.

2017-01-03 04:22:20

Big run through the right side for Mixon goes for 35 yards to the Auburn 41.

2017-01-03 04:25:59

A 14-yard run for Perine on 2nd and 9 gives the #Sooners a first down to the Auburn 26!

2017-01-03 04:27:26

Mayfield to Andrews for 22 yards inside the Auburn 5!

2017-01-03 04:29:28

Mixon takes a direct snap, fakes a reverse and dives for the end zone. He's ruled out at the 1 but it's under review.

2017-01-03 04:31:15

Touchdown Oklahoma!

2017-01-03 04:31:59

Mixon with his 2nd rushing TD of the game and 10th of the year. #Sooners lead 28-13 with 2:28 to play in the 3rd.

2017-01-03 04:33:01

RT @Takeflightchuck: Amazing play 🙏🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

2017-01-03 04:33:08

.@Mandrews_81 with a stellar 22-yard grab to set up the #Sooners touchdown! #BeatAuburn Photo gallery ➡️…

2017-01-03 04:36:32

That was Auburn's 3rd drive of the second half, all have ended in a 3-and-out! Westbrook with the fair catch at OU's 29.

2017-01-03 04:37:01

Perine enters the latest #Sooners drive 3️⃣7️⃣ yards away from the record.

2017-01-03 04:37:44

He's unreal. Mayfield keeps the play alive and finds Lewis for a #Sooners first down!

2017-01-03 04:38:58

We're headed to the 4th quarter in the @SugarBowlNola! #Sooners up 28-13 over Auburn! #BeatAuburn

2017-01-03 04:41:24

Now with 46 yards tonight and 4,087 in his career, Samaje Perine has passed Joe Washington (4,071) for 2nd in OU history. 3️⃣1️⃣ to go.

2017-01-03 04:43:37

#Sooners inside the Auburn 15 after a 26-yard pass to Lewis, 15-yard penalty and 13-yard QB draw for Mayfield!

2017-01-03 04:45:49

RT @RyanBroyles: No better time for this! #BakerMayfield running from practice to the hotel daily this week. #Greatness…

2017-01-03 04:46:16

Perine scores!

2017-01-03 04:47:27

A 2-yard run is Perine's 12th of the year, 49th of his career, and the #Sooners are up 35-13 with 12:40 to play!

2017-01-03 04:48:57

RT @ESPNStatsInfo: Baker Mayfield (@OU_Football) entered as FBS leader in Total QBR. Tonight: 17-of-26, 280 yds, 2 TD; 3 of 4 carries have…

2017-01-03 04:49:57

He needs just 3️⃣0️⃣ yards to break the record. Samaje Perine is unstoppable.

2017-01-03 04:53:14

Auburn has its first first downs of the second half and is inside the OU 40.

2017-01-03 04:54:34

RT @FootballAU: Back-to-back carries for Kamryn Pettway result in a first down. He's reached 100 yards for the 7th time in 2016. #WarEagle…

2017-01-03 04:55:04

Interception!!! Jordan Thomas comes up with the ball in the end zone!

2017-01-03 04:57:54

OU will take over possession at the Auburn 20 with 8:51 remaining. #BeatAuburn

2017-01-03 04:58:39

Mayfield to Westbrook for 10-yards and the first down! #Sooners at the Auburn 34.

2017-01-03 05:02:53

HE DID IT!!!!! Samaje Perine stands alone as Oklahoma's career rushing leader!

2017-01-03 05:05:45

The record-breaking football.

2017-01-03 05:09:03

Murray. Griffin. Owens. Peterson. Washington. Sims. Perine is the rushing king.

2017-01-03 05:10:15

#Sooners are forced to punt. Auburn will start on their own 9-yard line with 2:30 remaining.

2017-01-03 05:12:47

So close we can almost taste that sweet sugar... #BeatAuburn

2017-01-03 05:13:22

This is what becoming the all-time career rushing leader at Oklahoma looks like. Congrats Samaje. You've earned th…

2017-01-03 05:16:19

Auburn connects for a 56-yard bomb and now has the ball at the OU 12 with :50 remaining.

2017-01-03 05:17:54

RT @espn: It's official: Samaje Perine is the most prolific rusher in Oklahoma history. He moves past Billy Sims for No. 1 a…

2017-01-03 05:21:16

RT @ESPNStatsInfo: Samaje Perine has just set Oklahoma's all-time record for rushing yards, passing Billy Sims. He has 4,122 yards. https:/…

2017-01-03 05:21:28

RT @SportsCenter: Samaje Perine passes Heisman Trophy winner Billy Sims to become Oklahoma's all-time rush yards leader.…

2017-01-03 05:21:44

#Sooners beat Auburn in the @SugarBowlNola!!! Full recap ➡️

2017-01-03 05:24:16